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The mission of the Nursing Program at Beal College is to prepare each student to become a competent, compassionate, and well-respected registered nurse (RN). As an entry level Associate Degree practitioner, the Beal graduate is prepared to provide holistic nursing care to patients and their families, across the lifespan, in a variety of acute, long-term care, and community health settings. The Program, based on the vision and values of the College, accomplished its mission by:

  • promoting excellence in both didactic and clinical teaching;
  • sharing responsibilities with students for their individual learning;
  • encouraging student use of support services for academic success;
  • partnering with community resources to ensure a current curriculum, and
  • respecting the uniqueness of each individual student.

Completion of the ADN Program qualifies graduates to receive an Associate in Science Degree in Nursing (ADN). The ADN qualifies the graduate for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN), and application for state licensure as a registered nurse (RN) in Maine.

Why earn your Associate of Science Degree in Nursing at Beal College?

Because Beal College:

  • is a welcoming campus with a student-centered environment.
  • will prepare you to be a competent, compassionate, and well-respected nurse.
  • has a realistic course schedule to support a student's success.
  • is veteran friendly, working to ensure the educational success of America's military.
  • has a simulation lab on campus;

The ADN program* is eligible for financing by:

* It is currently ineligible for the United States Department of Education Federal student financial aid and loans.


The Associate Degree Nursing curriculum combines nursing and general education courses to provide a sound theoretical base for the practice of nursing. Beal College's Nursing Program is dedicated to fostering and nurturing the compassion, clinical reasoning, problem solving, and lifelong learning skills needed by practitioners in the nursing profession today. Diverse clinical experiences are concurrent with didactic experiences during the 10 module curriculum.

Once the admission requirements have been satisfied, students are accepted directly into the ADN Program or given advanced placement though transfer credits, (pending space available). (Click here for Nursing Admission requirements)

A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required in order to begin Introduction to Foundational Nursing Concepts (NUR100), the 1st nursing course. (Click here for a listing of all NU100 course pre-requisites)

The Nursing Program at Beal College is a full-time commitment requiring attendance in daytime lecture/lab classes, and daytime, evening, and weekend clinical rotations throughout the calendar year. Students will need reliable transportation since clinical sites may be located one (1) hour or more away from the College.

The core nursing courses span eight (8) full-time modules beginning each January. (Click here for the Nursing Program of Study) Nursing courses must be taken in sequence. Students accepted into the Nursing Program should be prepared for academic rigor and a significant time commitment to ensure academic success. Faculty recommend that nursing students limit their outside obligations as much as possible. The Program demands an average of 20+ hours per week outside of the class/lab/clinical schedule to complete reading/written assignments, clinical preparation/post-clinical written work, and other course requirements.

General education courses supportive to the nursing major must be taken prior to or concurrent with nursing courses as stipulated in the curriculum design. Students must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in stipulated general education courses in order to progress through the curriculum. A course may be repeated one (1) time only in order to achieve the minimum grade.

Students must achieve a minimum grade of "C+" in all nursing and other selected courses (Refer to Table below) in order to progress through the curriculum. A course may be repeated one (1) time only in order to achieve the minimum grade.

Major Courses of Study

Requiring a Grade of C+ or Better

General Education Courses

Requiring a Grade of C or Better

Course Name Credit Hours Course Name Credit Hours
MS110 Algebra                                                                                 3 PY101   General Psychology                                                          3
ZO111   Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3 PY202   Lifespan Development                                                        3
ZO112   Human Anatomy and Physiology II                             3 SC101   Introduction to Sociology                               3
EH111 College Composition                                                        3 EH102   Speech                                                                                  3
ZO113   Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I                          1 _____   Elective 3
ZO114   Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab II                        1
ZO211   Microbiology                                                                  4
NU100   Introduction to Foundational Nursing Concepts     4

NOTE: The total nursing program credits

required for graduation is 69 credits

with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA)

of 2.26 or better.

NU125   Foundational Nursing Concepts 2                               5
NU150   Introduction to Maternal-Child Nursing Concepts   4
NU175   Nursing Concepts Across the Life Span 1                   5
NU200   Introduction to Mental Health Nursing Concepts   4
NU225   Nursing Concepts Across the Life Span 2                   5
NU250   Nursing Concepts Across the Life Span 3                    6
NU275   ADN Transition to Nursing Practice                               3

Students who are not successful in a nursing course cannot progress to the subsequent nursing course and must withdraw from the Nursing Program. Students who do not successfully complete a nursing course (due to a failure or a withdrawal) may be considered for re-admission to the Nursing Program one (1) time only. Acceptance for re-admission depends upon:

  1. the overall past performance of the applicant;
  2. completion of actions taken by the applicant for remediation;
  3. availability of space in the Nursing Program;
  4. Nursing Program duration limits.

Students who are not successful in the 1st module nursing course (Introduction to Foundational Nursing Concepts, NUR100) must petition to restart the Nursing Program through the Admissions Office. Current admission requirements must be met. Re-entrance into all other nursing course modules is done by petitioning the Dean of Education and the nursing faculty.

Nursing courses are valid for two (2) years. The nursing major must be completed within a two (2) year time period. Any nursing course which was completed beyond the two (2) year time limit will be required to be repeated.

The Associate Degree nurse provides direct care to patients. Nursing Program students must have the knowledge and skills to effectively assess a patient’s biopsychosocial needs. The student must be able to analyze data in order to identify patient problems, comprehensively plan independent and collaborative interventions, implement the plan of care, and evaluate the care given, including the patient’s response to care. Consequently, the student must have observational, communication, motor, cognitive, psychosocial, and behavioral abilities sufficient to implement noted responsibilities. Technological accommodations can be made available for some disabilities, but a student must be able to perform in a reasonably independent manner. The use of a trained intermediary is contraindicated since a student’s judgment could be influenced by another's observations.

The Nursing Program keeps current with healthcare trends and technology in order to prepare students for the challenges of the nursing profession. The curriculum is subject to change without notice in order to comply with the requirements of the Maine State Board of Nursing (MSBN), accreditation agencies, clinical facilities, and/or the College.

Students in the Nursing Program are expected to be proficient in computer use, keyboarding, word processing, email, and the use of the Internet. Ideally, students should have off-campus Internet access in order to complete on-line course activities.

Applicants should acknowledge that during the course of their nursing education, they will be working in situations where exposure to infectious disease is probable. This is an occupational risk for all healthcare workers. Infection control guidelines are an integral part of the Nursing Program of study. Students are required to submit a Student Health Profile form. This form is available through the Admissions Office. Tuberculosis testing, the Hepatitis B vaccine series, and varicella immunity is required for students participating in all nursing classes. Most health care facilities require that students receive 1 dose of influenza vaccine annually.

Applicants should also be aware that exposure to natural rubber latex (NRL) is likely. Individuals exposed to NRL products may develop allergic reactions such as skin rashes, hives, nasal, eye, or sinus symptoms, and, rarely, shock.

Certain medical facilities require both criminal/sex offender background checks and/or drug screens prior to attending clinical experiences. The cost of the background check/drug screen is the responsibility of the student.

Note: Beal College does not guarantee employment in the nursing field or an RN license. A student’s/graduate’s background may disqualify him/her from clinical/employment The Maine State Board of Nursing may refuse to grant a license to graduates of any Nursing Program on the basis of criminal history record information relating to convictions denominated in Title 5, Chapter 341, sub-section 5301 of the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated.

Nursing Program Admission Criteria

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